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A picture of a couple holding hands, as a way to represent that this website of couple's therapist Jeremy Scataglini values helping couples connect.


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This photo is of Jeremy Scataglini, a Licensed Couple's counselor in Phoenix, arizona. he is also licened as a counselor for individuals. Jeremy uses Emotion Focused Therapy, which was adapted by Sue Johnson, PHD.

My name is Jeremy Scataglini. I am a licensed couple’s counselor in Phoenix, Arizona, and am the founder of The H.U.G Therapy Center, which stands for Historically Underrepresented Groups. I wanted to open a counseling center where all couples and individuals would feel welcomed, accepted, and supported, removing any fear of discrimination.


My approach to couple’s counseling is based on the concept that all people need human connection and attachment. When I first started working as a therapist, I tried using practical tools, activities, and other techniques that, ultimately, didn’t seem to bring lasting change to the couples I met with. As I continued to develop in my field, I was introduced to Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) which focuses on attachment needs that adults have in relationships.

I learned that the couples I worked with weren’t making long-lasting progress because they were stuck in a nasty cycle of interaction. This cycle occurs when relationship needs aren’t being communicated appropriately and, therefore, aren’t being met, resulting in conflict, withdrawal, and frustration.

Together we will use EFT to map out your unique patterns of interaction and begin to make meaningful improvements in your relationship. The things you’ve fought about a thousand times can instead be addressed with loving-kindness. You can become “unstuck” and begin to share your needs and feelings with your partner.  Here is a video I made reviewing the movie "500 Days of Summer" from the perspective of a couple's therapist:


I’ve worked with couples and individuals from all walks of life, and seeing the changes in relationships from disconnection to newfound intimacy has been a very rewarding experience. It has also been a joy to witness individuals go from deep anxiety and shame to a place of self-acceptance and assertiveness. I am thrilled to offer a safe therapy center for couples and individuals. You don’t have to continue to feel isolated, hurt, or hopeless. There is plenty of evidence that couples counseling works. So, If you’ve never visited a couple’s counselor before and want to know more, please send me an email or call me on the phone so we can chat about how I can help you.

Couple Hugging in Nature in Phoenix, Arizona after seeing a couple's counselor.

How we Can support You

For couples struggling with communication, intimacy, processing past hurts, etc.

COUPLES Counseling

For individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, loneliness, relationship problems, etc.

individual counseling


For families struggling with communication, parenting, transitions, grief, etc.


Longer sessions for couples or individuals wanting quicker progress.

50 minutes


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Our office is out-of-network, so we do not accept insurance directly. However, if your insurance plan offers out-of-network benefits, we can provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance. Depending on the insurance plan, many will reimburse for a percentage of your bill. To determine if you have out-of-network benefits, contact your insurance and ask whether your plan includes out-of-network mental health coverage. Our practice also accepts FSA/HSA debit cards for payment.

This is a supervised private practice. It is owned and/or managed by a master’s level, non-independent licensee under Board-approved clinical supervision pursuant to A.A.C. R4-6-211. The Board-approved clinical supervisor of this practice is

Kara Gasperone, LMFT. 
Phone: 602-292-0973 

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